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Backseat Pilot - IFR

Backseat Pilot - IFR

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We're pilots, we get it, there's a mountain of knowledge to keep straight in order to ensure the safest flight possible. That's why we tirelessly scoured the FAR AIM and picked the brains of flight instructors and flight students in order to establish the most critical, difficult to retain, and useful information for any pilot to have on hand at any time. We then compiled this information into a simple, organized, and attractive reference card which would not be oversized or obtrusive in the cockpit, or on the kneeboard, and finally had it digitally printed on the most durable and suitable material we could find. We have never seen anything as useful, organized, and thorough on another reference card or kneeboard.

Immediate benefits resulting from owning this reference card include more confidence in the air, a safer and less stressful cockpit, as well as a helpful tool when studying for check rides and when preparing flight plans. Fly confidently knowing you have the information you need nearby.

VFR Info

  • Visibility & Cloud Clearance
  • Cruising Altitudes
  • Minimum Altitudes
  • Special VFR
  • Fuel Requirements
  • Terminal, Sectional, & WAC Scales
IFR Info
  • Holding Procedures
  • Lost Communication Procedures
  • Required Reports
  • Position Reports
  • Decent Below DA MDA
  • Alternate Requirements
  • Fuel Requirements
  • RVR vs Statute Miles
  • Rate of Climb (Ft per NM conversion)

Misc. Info

  • Light Gun Signals
  • Communication
  • Equipment Suffixes
  • ICAO Flight Plan
  • Mode C Requirements
  • Zulu Time Conversions
Product Specs: W5.25" x H6.75" x D14 mil


Printed on a VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE polyester card. Here's more information straight from the manufacturer:

  • Extreme strength, flexibility, and durability It's literally tearproof!
  • Waterproof, greaseproof, and chemical resistant Just wipe it clean!
  • No shrinking or swelling when exposed to heat We successfully tested it to 300 degrees!
  • Extremely durable yet very flexible and light weight You'll love it!
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